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Everything starts with dreaming big! Up-and-coming of “BLOOMS” was also a multi-step process that has emerged within the mind of a devoted student of the Faculty of Management Studies at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He didn’t keep his big dream locked away, and shared it with others of the working group. After refining the business idea, the overall business plan for the virtual business entity was completed and the “team was granted a merit award”.

Big dreams can be incredibly inspiring, but until someone take actions, they are little more than dreams. After completing of the degree in Marketing Management, filing for permits and licenses, drafting the tangible business plan and looking for funding phases were taken few years and, in the year of 2000, the “BLOOMS” only came into being through the hard work of the said devoted team member.

The most important step to achieving a big dream is keeping the momentum going. “BLOOMS” always believes that the world is full of infinite possibilities and countless opportunities. By analyzing the contemporary market trends with the changes in the environment, BLOOMS decided to formulate five strategic business units (SBUs).

Our Vision

“Exclusive partner in strengthening your total potential”

Our Mission

“Deliver the precise products and services to inspire and to achieve ultimate success”